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7 Clean Up Tips To Help You Deal With Emergency Flooding

Heavy rainfall is not the only cause of flooding. Internal issues like burst pipes and overflows can result in emergency flooding. Unfortunately, this will also cause damage to your property. Failure to address the problem will escalate the damage and increase the chances of mold growth. Keep on reading to find out what you can when dealing with emergency flooding

1.Turn Off Main Water Valve

Pipes can burst due to freezing temps, high pressure, blockage, water heater issues, and other factors. No matter the cause, you must act quickly to ensure porous home materials, appliances, and furnishings do not absorb the water, resulting in damage. Shut off the main valve before you do any cleaning to ensure water stops pouring in. Killing the water source is simple, and it is something you can do yourself. As for the burst pipe, call for emergency plumbing services to fix it right away. 

 2.Shut Off the Circuit Breaker

With a big flood, you need to make sure the power is out. Water is a conductor, and if it reaches your electrical outlets, it can cause injuries or fatalities. Turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electrocution. If you cannot do it, make a quick call to the power company to shut the primary line. Keep the power off until excess water is gone. 

 3.Move Essential Wet Times

When it comes to saving your furnishings and appliances, time is of the essence. Hence, you must move whatever whet belongings you can from the affected area to a dry place. This deters further damage because the longer they soak in water, the more extensive the problem. 

4.Document the Extent of Damage

Take note of all the damage inflicted by the burst pipe. You can write down notes, take pictures, and collect videos. This is a great way to provide evidence to collect claims on your home insurance coverage. With documentation, you can also get a clear picture of the extent of the damage. 

 5.Remove Water ASAP

You must get rid of excess water as soon as possible. Should there be a large amount of standing water, you may need a water pump for extraction. You can rent this equipment if you don’t own one. If it’s late at night, the convention bucket method also works. Use several pails and manual labor to take it out. When minimal water is left, you can soak up the rest with old shirts or towels. You may also need to remove damaged materials like carpets and rugs. 

 6.Dry the Area

Focus on drying the affected areas. If the weather is pleasant, open windows and doors to increase airflow. You can also set up electric fans and put them in the strongest setting. A dehumidifier also works in taking out moisture to prevent mildew and molds. 

 7.Work with Professionals

When you suffer extensive water damage due to emergency flooding from a burst pipe, you can work with a restoration professional to rebuild and renovate your home. Most of all, don’t forget to call a reputable plumber to fix the burst pipe and check the rest of your piping system. Otherwise, all your clean-up will be rendered useless. We service several cities in Wyoming and California. Please see service locations: Casper, Roseville, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Ana, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale.

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