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No homeowner wants to share space with a rodent unless it’s a cute pet hamster in a cage. Full mice control must be enforced, or you will end up with property damage because they gnaw on wood, papers, and electrical wires. What’s even worse is they contaminate food and spread diseases like leptospirosis, salmonellosis, listeria, hantavirus, and more.

If you spot droppings, see holes, or hear the pitter-pattering of tiny feet, rodents have infiltrated your house. Seek expert help to eradicate their hidden nesting places. Before things escalate, take measures to prevent rodent infestation. Here are effective mice control methods to keep them out

Seal Off All Entry Points

Make sure your foundation and walls are sealed so rats have no way into your home. When the weather turns cold, these creatures seek the warmth of your climate-controlled house. They squeeze in through tiny crevices. For best results, block any cracks and make sure joints around your doors or windows are tight. This goes for all parts of your home, including the basement, attic, and insulated garage.

Clean Floors and Counters

All pest control specialists agree that dirty floors and counters lure mice. Just imagine the amount of spilled food you make in a day. If you’ve got crumbs, particles, or even spilled drinks, these are feasts for these pests. For best results, always wipe down your counters and be vigilant in using a sweeper. Never leave dirty dishes on the sink, either.

Store Food Properly

One of the main reasons mice invade your home is they seek food. If they have nothing to eat, then all bets are off. Ensure everything is stored in sealed containers. Don’t leave anything to chance because mice have very sharp incisors that gnaw through thin plastic. Instead, use thick Tupperware containers for maximum protection. The same goes for your pet food, so don’t leave them lying in bowls.

Secure Trash Bins

Make sure you always empty the kitchen trash can after dinner. Pick a well-sealed model. On top of that, do not keep your outdoor garbage canisters near the house or garage. They will attract rodents and other pests. For best results, keep them far from your house. If possible, purchase bins with airproof lids and place them on platforms off the ground. You can even secure the cover with bungee cords or heavy items like a rock to prevent infiltration.

Control the Foliage Surrounding the House

Though greenery is nice, shrubs planted near your home provide a hiding place for rodents and other pests like termites. From there, they seek cracks in walls and foundation. It is best to keep greenery planted several feet away. Make it a point to keep the soil level low so these pests cannot climb their way up the siding. And keep the greenery below the windows, or they may use it as a bridge to get inside.

If you think a mouse is sharing your home, try to set up store-bought traps and baits. However, these are tricky so you are not guaranteed successful results. If you want these critters eradicated fast, call a professional exterminator. They will also zero in on the nesting grounds to make sure nothing is left behind. Please view service locations here: Visalia, Vista, Walnut Creek, West Covina, Whittier, Woodland, Yorba Linda, Yuba City, Manchester and Nashua.

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